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Research Methodology & Statistical Quantitative Methods -2

Research Methodology & Statistical Quantitative Methods -2

1 .Question – A researcher wants to find out the proportion of people in urban cities of India, who support reservation for woman. The best approach for him would be
Correct Ans – Descriptive study
2 .Question – In ______rating scales the position on the defined in terms of a given population.
Correct Ans – Comparative
3 .Question – Questionnaire is an ______technique.
Correct Ans – Impersonal
4 .Question – All real experiments have certain things in common, viz.
Correct Ans – Assumed casual variables , An outcome measure , Units of assignment
5 .Question – The different type of research design are
Correct Ans – Sampling design , Observational design , operational design
6 .Question – Hypothesis should agree with already know
Correct Ans – Law of society
7 .Question – After only with control is an example of informal experimental design.
Correct Ans – TRUE
8 .Question – Questionnaire should be
Correct Ans – Simple, Clear, Sequential
9 .Question – Good and Hatt have identified ______different levels of abstraction reached by hypothesis and hence typified.
Correct Ans – Three
10 .Question – Some limitations of the survey method are
Correct Ans – Inflexibility, Bias, non response error
11 .Question – which of the following is a form of research typically conducted by teachers, counselors, and other professional to answer questions they have and to specifically help them solve local problems?
Correct Ans – Applied Research
12 .Question –_________ Frequency constitutes the basis of understanding of the concept of probability.
Correct Ans – Relative
13 .Question – Varying the order of questions will change the respondent’s frame of reference of the following question.
 Correct Ans – TRUE
14 .Question – Any research design should specify three phases
Correct Ans – Problem identification, Statistical analysis , Case study
15 .Question –_________observation involves observing the results of behavior that has already happened.
Correct Ans – Indirect
16 .Question – Non measureable characteristic is incapable of numerical expression.
Correct Ans – TRUE
17 .Question – Observation is merely seeing things.
Correct Ans – FALSE
18 .Question –_______is an internal source of secondary data.
Correct Ans – Camera
19 .Question - Not having a clear cut and definite theoretical background is one of the difficulties in formulating hypothesis.
Correct Ans – TRUE
20 .Question – Which approach required that treatment be given to one group of subjects while another group does not receive the treatment
Correct Ans – Presence vs absence
21 .Question – Exploratory research design include
Correct Ans – Search of secondary data , Survey of knowledgeable persons , Case study
22 .Question – Approaches to measuring attitudes are
Correct Ans – Self report inventories, Psychological measures, projective techniques
23 .Question – Lack os _______is one of the major limitations of research.
Correct Ans – Resources

24 .Question – The scale in which the respondent’s responses are assigned a score or numerical value, is called
Correct Ans – Attitude scale
25 .Question – Observation involve the following processes
Correct Ans – Sensation , Attention , Perception
26 .Question – The scientific method deals with both
Correct Ans – Theory and fact
27 .Question – Smaller size of the sample helps to collect data more quickly then surveying the entire population.
Correct Ans – TURE
28 .Question – The non directive interviwer’s function is to act as a __________ to the expression of subject’s felling and beliefs.
Correct Ans – Catalyst
29 .Question –  _________helps to record answers into limited number of classes or categories.
Correct Ans – Tabulating
30 .Question - Refinement of existing theory can be done by
Correct Ans – Relaxing some of the assumptions , Reinterpreting some of the assumptions , Cleansing of existing data
31 .Question -  Prerequisites of a successful interview would be
Correct Ans – proper study design, Encouragement, Friendly atmosphere
32 .Question - Documentation is the process of collecting and extracting the documents relevant to research.
Correct Ans – FALSE
 33 .Question -                                  Correct Ans –
Personal document                           Greeting Card          
Company document                          Balance sheet
Consultant’s report                            Calendar
Public document                                Census report
34 .Question - The different ranking methods are
Correct Ans – Simple ranking, Paired comparison rating scale, Constant sum rating scale
35 .Question -                                               Correct Ans –
Theory                                                                        Personality
Fact                                                                 Conclusion
Scientific method                                          General
Management                                                 High degree of formality
36 .Question – The formal interview the interviewer has full freedom to make alterations in question.
Correct Ans – FALSE
37 .Question – The cheapest and more effective technique of data collection is
Correct Ans – Observation
38 .Question – Systematic random sampling is also called_____ method.
Correct Ans – Fixed Interval
39 .Question – When employee of a company are classified according to the length of their service, it is called
Correct Ans – Quantitative classification
40 .Question – An experiment is designed to measure the effects tf price and advertising on the sales of a product. Here the  dependent variable is
Correct Ans – Product sales
41 .Question - Induction is the reverse of deduction.
Correct Ans – FALSE
42 .Question - Method employed for drawing inferences are
Correct Ans – Method of agreement, Method of difference, Method of residue
43 .Question – According to Barten an optimum sample survey is one which fulfils the requirement of
Correct Ans – Efficiency, Representativeness, flexibility

44 .Question – A “ bungalow “ would be a
Correct Ans – Geographical unit
45 .Question –  In which of the following phase  of research does the researcher primarily use inductive reasoning ?
Correct Ans – Data Analysis phase
46 .Question – Hypothesis is a _______ Conclusion.
Correct Ans – Imaginary

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